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What is it employers really want, and how can you demonstrate you have it?! There is a needle in the haystack for which recruiters, human resource professionals, and hiring managers are searching in every response you give to their questions. It often goes beyond what’s included in the job posting, and it’s something everyone wants no matter the position you fill or the company for which you work.

In this high-energy session, find out what it is employers want in today's incredibly competitive professional environment and, more importantly, how you can communicate it with every word you say and with every move you make so they can see you, hear you, love you, and hire you.

We'll also be joined by Dori Gilbert to discuss how to Revitalize Your Career Path!

If you are changing careers, industries, or feeling stuck in your current situation, this review of five career vitals will help you recognize when they are energized or fatigued and tips on how to revitalize them.

Thursday, February 9th from 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM MST

Live on Zoom