2024 Job Landscape: Navigating the Future & Forging Your Career Path

with Jessica Pierce

Jessica Pierce delves into the rapidly evolving world of employment, providing essential insights and strategies for both job seekers and career-driven individuals.

As the professional landscape continues to transform, this presentation equips attendees with a forward-focused perspective, enabling them to adapt, thrive, and shape their own career trajectories. By examining emerging job trends, key industries, and the skills in demand, participants gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing job market.

This session not only guides them through the intricate terrain of the job market but also empowers them to proactively mold their professional destinies in alignment with the opportunities that lie ahead. It's a roadmap to career success in the evolving world of work.

Jessica Pierce is the Founder and CEO of Career Connectors. Her nonprofit organization has served over 60,000 people in career transition – guiding them through the difficult path of job transition, connecting them to some of the best employers in the US and providing HOPE all along the way. This is a must-attend program to get ready for 2024!

Second Session:
State of the Workforce: Q&A with Trevor Stokes and Jessica Pierce

Our country currently has more open jobs than unemployed people, an unprecedented number of people quitting jobs, and an array of organizations that are slowing growth plans due to a shortage of qualified workers.

In this candid Q&A, Jessica Pierce will ask Trevor Stokes, one of the country’s leading labor market analysts, to provide insight into recent trends and pressures in the job market, employment trends, and more insight on the inventory of in-demand skills, and strategies for developing high-value career pathways.

9:00AM - 11:30AM (MST)

DECEMBER 7, 2023