Making the Most of Your Networking Calls

with Patricia Romboletti

People often ask Patricia how to find the "hidden job" market.

Those jobs that are not advertised or posted, and in some instances, don't even exist yet. But the truth is, those jobs are often "hiding in plain sight" behind a network connection. They are often one meeting, one introduction, and one conversation away if you have a network that works.

But you will never hear of them if you don't invest your time in having meetings (whether a call, Zoom call, or face-to-face) that will go a long way towards putting you in the right place at the right time. But just having a meeting won't do the trick.

You must have a powerful meeting.

But to have a powerful meeting, you must prepare for the meeting. But preparing for the meeting and having a powerful meeting still won't do the trick. You must follow up and stay in touch. This all leads to the winning formula that Patricia will teach you during this presentation.

Second Speaker: Kitty Carlisle
Title: LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn Networking with writer, editor, and LinkedIn Coach Kitty Carlisle unlocks professional opportunities in a dynamic presentation revealing the art of leveraging LinkedIn for strategic networking. This session explores constructive profile optimization techniques, effective connection strategies, and compelling content creation to enhance visibility and grow your professional network.

From crafting persuasive connection requests to fostering engagement through thought leadership, this presentation offers insights and equips professionals with the skills to harness LinkedIn's potential for career growth and business expansion. Dive into the nuances of online networking and emerge with actionable steps to elevate your professional presence on the world's premier professional platform.

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM (MST)

FEBRUARY 8, 2024