Where the Jobs Are
with Trevor Stokes

A look at trends and developments in Arizona’s labor market and economy and what they mean to your job search.
What industries, jobs and skills are in demand and how can you best prepare yourself for high-quality career opportunities in these growing fields?
How do you determine the best fit for your passions, your skills and your ambitions in an ever-changing labor market?
Does the whole process really have to rely only on your current understanding of the market, or is there an intentional, data-driven approach that will set you on a career trajectory that fills you with pride and excitement about getting up and going to work every day? 

Trevor Stokes, one of the country’s leading labor market economists, will provide an overview of emerging and high-value career opportunities and introduce a suite of free, open-access resources that you can use to power an intentional and informed career planning process.


Landing The Job You Want, with Dave Sherman

Thursday, July 13th
9-11:30am PST