Tackling the Career Obstacle Course: Age, Race and Gender

with Brenda Mariah

This session will encourage you through the various obstacles you may face in your job
search. If you’ve ever said to yourself…” I’m too ______,” then you need to register. If you’ve ever uttered…”no one will give me a chance because ______,” then you need to show up. We’re going to knock down the mental hurdles you may be facing in your search with some emotional toughness and real-life solutions for your resume, profiles, and interviews. If you believe your race, gender, weight, age, or lack of degree
are standing in the way of your job
search success…JOIN US!

When you KNOW you can do the job, but you’re having trouble getting others to see your value, that’s where Brenda Mariah comes in. Specializing in boosting confidence in those who are facing discrimination and going to battle emotionally in their careers or transitions, Brenda Mariah of Push Career Management is a career-focused speaker, wordsmith, career storyteller, encourager, author, and strategist that can help them AND YOU see what you’re made of.

Working with major brands to provide corporate outplacement services during layoffs, Brenda’s engineering and project management background uniquely qualifies her to help even the most technical professionals. She is the president of the National Resume Writers’ Association and past president of the Resume Writers & Coaches Association.

Brenda Mariah is certified in Interview Coaching, Compensation Negotiation, Job Search Strategy, Resume Writing, Career Management, LinkedIn Profile Development, and Employment Law. Her insights have been featured across numerous media outlets, including CNN.

Second Speaker: Mark Pierce
HeartsMatters Counseling, Licensed Associate Counselor, Career Counselor

Moving from initial shock and anger to gaining self-control over your thoughts and emotions.

Learn to connect with others, cultivate emotional awareness, and embrace change with confidence, empowering you to navigate your career transition successfully and be ready for your next job.