Navigating Career Transition with Confidence:
5 Stages to Success for Job Seekers

with Clara Chorley

As a job seeker you want to get back to work. You don’t want to take just any job, but there are days when this seems like the best-worst option, maybe the only one. You know that a little more energy, clarity, and focus would help you persevere - and you’d love a roadmap.

It’s possible to find your way to a better job than the last one, a place where you belong and can do good work. And it’s possible to find this job without twisting yourself into a pretzel and becoming someone you’re not. Job seeking is a game of endurance. Let’s revitalize your search!


- The 5 stages of Career Change: a roadmap to help you see where you are and where you’re going.

- A fresh perspective and conversation about the less acknowledged challenges of job seeking, which will raise your confidence and invigorate you to keep going!

- Practical steps for measurable progress.

Clara's Bio

For over a decade, Clara Chorley has coached and advised hundreds of executive level professionals into careers where their expertise is valued, their work has impact, and they’re personally fulfilled.

Clara’s unique international background spans 5 continents and 48 countries working with professionals from business, humanitarian, and multiple Fortune 100 companies. She helps professionals navigate the mental, emotional and tactical side of career change. Clara is a TEDx presenter, author of

TURN: 4 Steps to Clarity in your Career, and creator of the 5D Roadmap for Career Change.

Second Speaker:Jian Boldi
Financial Success During Career Transition

9:00AM (PST)

JUNE 8, 2023