LinkedIn: The Key to Securing Your Next Job

with Amanda Miller

Have you wondered what the big deal is about using LinkedIn in your job search?

Recruiters report that LinkedIn is the #1 way they find candidates, and if you’re not leveraging this all-powerful tool, you could be missing opportunities. Learn how to optimize your profile, build your network, and generate the results you want!

Plus, you’ll gain insights into how to follow up with recruiters and decision makers to transform “apply now” into “you’re hired!”

Second Speaker: Gloria Petersen

How to Engage Mindful Networking for Job Opportunities

Building genuine connections is vital to unlocking new opportunities.

Join us to explore mindful networking, where intentionality and presence intersect to create pathways to success.

Discover how embracing conscious networking enhances your professional opportunities and enriches your personal growth journey, showing you just how valuable you are. Unlock the key components and strategies to cultivate authentic connections that align with your aspirations and values.