Driving Your Career Forward

with Stephanie Clergé

Join Stephanie for a fun ride through the many twists and turns on the career highway - with you in the driver's seat!

Sharing her expertise and experiences as a hiring manager, career coach and employee, you'll learn a bit about how to put your strengths to work in every part of your career.
From selecting the right role for you, to being successful on the job, you'll come away with immediately actionable advice, no matter where you are on your journey.  

Special Bonus: Kolbe Corp is giving away a Kolbe ATM Index to each attendee, an assessment to help you identify your instinctive strengths - your best methods of making decisions and solving problems.

Second Speaker: Anna Brambilla

Career Satisfaction and Franchising

So many people are learning the hard way that Corporate America may not be the right place for them.
Employees are not valued as they once were and people are getting frustrated with awful bosses, death by meetings, bad office politics or making a lot of money for other people.
Statistics show that 75% of Americans have a strong to very strong desire to own their own business but so few know where to start.

In this presentation, come learn about Franchise Business Ownership as an option.
There are so many advantages and possibilities.
Even if this isn’t the right path for you, come hear some great stories of other people who have explored this as a path.
Not everyone ended up choosing to go into business for themselves but not by themselves.
However, everyone learned about options and possibilities they never knew existed!